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11. 03. 2017

Derek Acorah

Derek Acorah needs no introduction. The pioneer for Spiritulism and mediumship on television, he is arguably the world's most renowned Spirit Medium having demonstrated to many hundreds of thousands of people in theatres throughout the UK.

Dereks's television career dates back over fifteen years when he became the first medium ever to demonstrate live on air and without the benefit of an edit suite on a weekly basis bringing hope and comfort to the viewing public.

So why not come along and see for yourself and maybe meet Derek afterwards and pick up one of his new tour brouchures and his CD.

11. 03. 2017

Dr Andrew Tresidder

Your Health and Electromagnetic Fields


11. 03. 2017

Diane Egby Edwards

On Sunday 12th March Diane Egby-Edwards will be talking about Past Lives. In her work as a Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression specialist for over 30 years Diane has had many interesting cases, some of which she will describe in her talk. There will also be some information on reincarnation - including tips on how to avoid it! 



Entry fee

Entry to the MBS Event which includes all of the free talks is £4.  Derek Acorah and Judy Hall are Ticketed at extra cost

Opening times

Saturday: 10am–5pm
Sunday: 10am-5pm


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